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Help for the General Library Information Menu

My Items

Click the my items link to access account information, such as checked out items. Once enabled, access requires both a Patron ID number and a library-issued PIN.

Help for the Search Menu

Combo Search

To search our catalog using the Combination Search:
Enter the search term(s) in the field(s) and click the Search button. This search can combine Author, Title, Subject, Keyword, and/or Donor searches.
Note: If you enter a term in more than one field, the terms are automatically joined by the Boolean operator AND, narrowing your search. You don't have to enter terms in more than one field to receive results.

Expert Search

To search our catalog using the Expert Search:
Click to select a search type and enter criteria in the corresponding search terms(s) field(s). If necessary, specify additional searches and join them with Boolean operators:

  • AND - narrows your search, reducing the number of results. All search terms must be met for a record to be returned.
  • OR - broadens your search, increasing the number of results. Only one of your search terms must be met for a record to be returned.
  • AND NOT - satisfies one search term while eliminating another.
You can perform complex searches using the Boolean operators described above to join up to three search terms. This allows you to generate more precise results.

Item List

An item list is a customized, printable search results list that makes locating items on library shelves easier.
To create an item list:
Perform any search to generate a search results page.
Click the check box for each search result item you want in your item list and click Add to Item List.
To select all search result items, click Select all.
To view your item list, click Display Item List.
To print your item list, click Print from your browser's toolbar.
To send an email to your library requesting your selected items be placed on reserve, click Request Selected Items.

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